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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Another reminder! Practice tomorrow, don't forget to be there!


Team practices are starting this Friday at 9:00 A.M. Please be at the field an hour before for debriefing, and our first team meeting. Thanks guys, lets bring it all to the field...

- Luke

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Were a semi-new paintball team that has just started playing together. Out of curiosity, we decided to give starting a new group a try, and the Cedar Park Raiders were thus formed.

We are a "recreational" team, currently not into any certain type of paintball. We often play speed, but at times we can't help but go back to the roots and play some woods. The different mix of likes within our group makes sure we are always participating in something new.

The Team:

Luke Whaley
Age: 15
Position: Front, Mid.
Number: 09

Zach Garrison
Age: 15
Position: Front, Mid.
Number: 07

Nick Kantor
Age: 15
Position: Front, Mid.
Number: 16

Kevin Vu
Age: 15
Position: Back
Number: 06

Jacob Geesin:
Age: 15
Position: Middle, Back
Number: 10

Blake Nybro:
Age: 15
Position: Front, Mid. (ALT)
Number: 13

As a young group, we try to incorporate our own style. We buy ALL our gear from websites such as ANS Gear:
We find buying off the internet helps us to explore the different companies that are offered in the paintball world, and ANS Gear is without a doubt a company that makes this possible. Thanks ANS Gear for everything!

Thanks again for taking time to visit our team's page. I hope you'll find we're more than we seem...